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July 8th, 2008

a message from a mod of the past........

hi all that still read here
a LONG time ago, in a galax.....
damn that intro is already taken
anyway a long time ago i had a computer melt down and lost all internet accses, so i passed on my duties to the other mods, ive tried to when ive been able to grab a few moments online tried to have a quick look to see if everything was running well, but was never able to do any stamping or major moderating work, just deleting the a random post here and there that shouldnt be there

sadly the other mods were unable to take over and even deleted the moderator comunity we had to pass on notes to each other

im in the process right now of getting back online and want to know should i try to get this place up and running again
i like alot of you may have great memories of this place and may still hav3e friends to this day your made here
i dont want to see it die, do you?

heres the thing if i get enought people interested in keeping this place alive, ill come back and run it again with some help from anyone that offers

also sorry to everyone that has applied and not been stamped
what ill more then likly do is ask each applicant ive not stamped to just either send me a link of your application or just re submit one
and to the lovely trolls out there, ill be deleting you all soon so please leave on your own

so in full this place can either come back to life, or ill just delete it, the power is yours to decided mbrs


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