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Plus Sized Cuties

Think you're cute? We'll tell you!

Plus Size Cuties
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated


plus_cuties is a community for the big and beautiful! We are plus size positive, unlike a lot of other communities out there. We're a group of plus size guys and gals who are comfortable in our own skin.

Please keep in mind that this is a rating community. People will be basing their opinions and votes on your looks as well as a short survey. If you are easily offended by what people say, even if it is something as simple as "No", please do not apply.

This community is moderated, however it only has 3 active mods.

princess_kort ¤ fionn_fezzic ¤ ksiezniczka_

You may contact Kort at ky_hottie_chic @ hotmail.com, but only if it is dyer straights. Please do not spam my inbox. I will put a pox on your family.

Rules for new members:

1. Once you have joined, you must post your entry with photos immediately. Also be sure to ask yourself if you need the type of validation a rating community gives. If the moderators notice that you have joined, but have yet to post after 48 hours, you will be banned from the community. Reliable photo hosting sites: photobucket.com, tinypic.com

2. Include the survey at the beginning of your entry.

3. After you post, do not post anywhere besides your entry until we have voted you in and stamped you. You may not vote or post in any entry but yours. We stamp about 48 hours (2 Days) after you join.

4. Put all photos and survey behind an lj-cut.

5. When posting, you must post at least three photos. They must be clear, unphotoshopped unless photoshopped for clarity, brightness, etc., and at least two have to be of your face. You must also include at least one body shot so we can see the chub.

6. No nudity! There are members under the age of 18. We will delete any posts containing nudity or underpants!

7. You may not delete or screen comments or your entry. If you do so, your post will be deleted and you will receive a warning.

8. Flaming a stamped member will get you warned or banned.

9. Posting anything besides an entry without a stamp = warning or ban.

10. If you go to members' journals and harass them, you are taking this way too seriously and will be banned.

11. All applications must be FRIENDS ONLY!

12. Please tag your application with "application" only.

Copy and paste the following into the entry you plan to post here. Do NOT post this as rich text. Put answers after the <*/b>s. Please tag your application with "application" and nothing else.

Rules for stamped members:

1. Start voting on new members!

2. Do not be nasty or cruel. This is supposed to be a friendly community. Nowhere in the title does it suggest bitchiness, so lets keep it out! :) If members complain to us, or it's extremely offensive, you will recieve 2 warnings and then you will be banned or a mod will throw a hissy fit. If a comment is just too offensive, and more than one mod approves, you will be removed from the community without 2 warnings.

3. Fat-phobic, homophobic, racist and other offensive comments are also not tolerated, period.

4. Participate in Theme Weeks! Moderators choose themes, but are open to suggestions made by members, in fact they encourage it, so feel free to e-mail a member, or contact them in their journal.

5. If you like this community, tell a friend! Please post a poorly made stamp or other advertising banner in your user info.

6. Only stamped members may tell us about other communities as long as they are on topic.

7. No nudity! There are members here that are under the age of 18. We will delete any posts containing nudity or underpants! So if your post disappears, that's why.

8. All posts must be made FRIENDS ONLY.

9. All lengthy or semi-lengthy posts and all posts containing pictures should be put behind a cut.
10. Please tag all posts with your username and put "Stamped" in subject line.

Promotion banners:



Also, check out perfect10plumps, and tell them we referred you.